Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Couldn't Ask For a More Calm Date

Happy Midweek Lovelies! 

It is so surreal that we are already in the midweek, though it has been blissful.
I had my dad visit me last night, and I made an impromptu dinner. 

I do love hosting my guests whenever they visit although I always plan ahead, this time it was a different timing.

Due to the fact that my dad called to check if I was back home from work and luckily I had just arrived so he came by. He hasn't been to my place for months even though we are practically neighbours, he lives a few minutes away from me, as well as my brother. But barely see each but make sure to call & check up on one another, which is essential. 

However, when Pop (my dad) came over, my man was in awe as he always is when he comes to my apartment on the level of its organisation & aesthetic. That is OCD haha🤣
To the extent he went around my apartment, mind you, he has been here a couple of times and does the exact same thing. Then he opened my fridge which is a family thing that we always say; "you know the extent of one's cleanness through their fridge cleanness & organisation lol". So dad did the same check on me hahaha! 

Afterwards, we had some Nespresso coffee whilst discussing politics & he got to try the new flavour I bought on Monday, which he did like.  Then, later on, he had himself an Irish Whiskey while watching a Nigerian movie on Netflix but I couldn't drink with him because I had a class to coach at the gym. 
Instead, I decided to cook an impromptu dinner which was so delicious! 
I made Fried-rice with grilled chicken🤤
The preparation took exactly 40mins & dinner got served with flavoured sodawater(strawberry flavoured).  Dad was impressed & did enjoy it twice haha!

After dinner, I had to quickly prepare for the workout session whilst dad continued watching his movie & later we headed out. 
Coaching the class was quite fun as always and meeting up with some friends & colleagues there was another highlight of my evening before heading home to finally relax by taking a shower & read a couple chapters in a book that I'm currently reading(I will give a review of this book later).  Then read a bible verse before praying & dozing off.

Nevertheless, it has been a blissful day. I hope you get to experience it (blissfulness) too. 
Have a blessed day!
O'C Banks.

Monday, 10 October 2022

Not Monday Again

Happy New Week Lovelies!
Wow, it has been ages since I got to blog which I did miss. 
I can't phantom that my blog turns 10 years next month. It all started from blogging about my fashion aesthetic to writing about top fashion brands and their collections I loved, to collaborating with some I didn't imagine at a young age. This blog gave me somewhat of a mother's pride towards it. It became my baby lol.
Nevertheless, it will always have a special place in my heart. 

Back to the topic of 'not Monday being today again', I had a stressful yet funny day haha!
Of course, started the day with a cup of coffee before working responding to emails and then making some needed calls. After work was done, I branched into the coffee store Nespresso to get more coffee (even though I still have enough lol), I wanted new flavours which I got and was also offered more coffee to drink there by the lovely Nespresso associate.
Then, I went to another store to buy a pair of white jeans because I couldn't seem to find the only white jean I have amongst over 30 pairs of jeans (mostly black & blue colours) that I own 🙈
 However, it was completely sold out so I was advised to go to their second boutique located somewhere else, which I did.  Luckily, I found some left and bought the white pair. The funniest thing then happened after leaving the store, the heel of my boot went off hahaha!🤣
This is a shoe I bought years ago and have only worn once & the shoe decided to give up the ghost when I wanted to resurrect it from the grave, aka its box. 
Luckily, there was a shoe store beside so I went in to ask if they could help me, and the sweet lady offered to give me super glue although that couldn't work because it had metal spikes connecting to the heel then I got super glue on my fingers including the sweet lady. We both started laughing at the scenario being encountered 🤣
Then, I gave up on trying to fix it because I'm definitely not a shoemaker haha. So I ended up calling a friend of mine, who saved my evening by leaving his house with his lovely girlfriend to pick me up & then drive me home. 
We couldn't stop laughing at how I was walking hahaha.
Thankfully I got home safely, thanks to them!  Because immediately after I got into my apartment it started raining.
Afterwards, I laid down on the floor of my living room to just analyse my day haha because I couldn't comprehend my ENTJ-A self could experience such but I did! And that is the beautiful thing about life, it comes with its ups & downs, however, it is vital to possess a positive mindset about it all.
In relation to the aforementioned, that was what I exactly did calling one of my childhood friends and we spoke at length ( for 2 hours) to reminisce & laugh at the good old days lol!
To finalise it all, I then took out the salad that I made this weekend to refill my energy & write on the blog a bit. Thank goodness Monday is over because it has drained me.

Have a lovely week ahead Darlings!

O.C Banks.