Thursday, 16 June 2022

Seasonal Change.

Hey, Lovelies!

The weekend is finally here, and the summer has officially begun. It does call for some cheers for the seasonal change!🥂

This week has been indeed strenuous for me, I even wrote a blog post thinking I saved it in my draft, only for me to find out the following day that it wasn't saved hehe! Adulthood they say is 'fun but a scam', and I get it now.
 I ordered these long-awaited dining chairs long a few weeks ago, I love the simple yet classy green velvety design which made me re-order them. As I had them in my previous apartment with my ex then took mine but wanted more of it in the new apartment.

Apropos adulthood is 'fun but a scam', when I was ordering the chairs they stated that it was free shipping, once I put in my address and paid only to get a confirmation email that my chairs were going to be sent to their showroom/store. They lied! I couldn't call customer care asap because your lady here made the order at midnight (I've learnt my lesson not repeat lol). However the next day, I called them and was told that it's a policy of the company that when products orders exceed an amount due to security reasons and avoidance of product damages caused by local courier they send it to their showroom for checks before proceeding it for a pickup by customers. Mind you they weighed 15kg & have no driver's licence haha, so I was lucky to have gotten help from a family member. 
This made me reanalyse the reliability of online shopping, it can't be fully credible because there are some missing puzzles that need to be quantified. 

Nevertheless, I got into my zone of mounting/building furniture which I'm very good at because I find it calming like some sought of mindfulness. You should try it whilst listening to music, trust it feels amazing! It took 30mins to mount and they look just amazing, I love it. 

Now in the following weeks, I'm going to redesign my dining area but in the meantime, I love the ambience and the chairs in formation. 

Until then I'm going to celebrate the weekend well, as I received the best news I've been longing for years. 
Regardless, life needs to be celebrated every day!
Celebrate yourself at all times.


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