Sunday, 19 April 2020



Mesmerizing about last summer.

Last shopping spree before Rona's invasion. 

Happy Quarantine Sunday Lovelies!😂

I know most of you have been wondering where I've been. Don't worry I'm here, doing quite good after my operation which I had one month ago. Even though I might have another one coming but I'm good. 

Apart from that, I'm just trying to live an extremely incognito style which has been the most perfectly stress-free and blissful moment, as you all know I'm a Scorpio thus with a more social trait. But that doesn't mean I won't keep up being active, I will!... Although, just have other priorities to handle at the moment; two new ventures, school, continuos healthy-life.

I hope everyone is staying and keeping themselves safe from COVID-19. It's crazy how it's spread and continuously spreading. I remembered watching constantly CNN last December when it was still in Wuhan, China and most countries including governmental organizations ignoring it because they felt it wasn't in their premisses or geographical settings. Now, that perspective has been changed because it has become a pandemic that affects all realms; socio-economic growth, which puts the whole world in a freeze mode.

I give accolades to all the medics and health-care workers, they are doing an incredible job that is beyond measure.
The day I had my operation was actually the last day the city's hospital had their Operation Ward open for proceedings, and I know the extra extreme screenings and procedures they had to go through before my operation because they were wards treating COVID-19 patients in the same hospital. 
Although I wasn't afraid, I was only skeptical towards waking up from the Anesthetic, so weeks before I wrote down my will haha!!😂 The took hours and I had twice my heart pulses stop according to the 4 surgeons I had that day, but HEY! ... I'm alive and I thank God for that. 

So right now, I'm hoping for a greater continuation of life with this virus tormenting the earth. Make sure you all take spare time to meditate, catch up with friends by CALLING i.e NO physical meetup = social distancing, call your family to talk about things in general, make donations if possible to help others out.
I've been able to talk with family, & friends (long hours calls & chat) and even make unexpected calls to people I usually would have ignored but by looking at their situation and knowing that I can bring a smile upon them, I made the effort to bring that gesture with a smile, likewise donating to people in need. 

I apprehend you all, to make the same effort in the best way that you can!
Remember health before wealth, generosity & kindness is one of the components of dignity.  

Lastly, don't forget to WASH your HANDS & DISINFECT.
NO HUGS!!!... But you can BLOW KISSES!💋


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