Sunday, 1 March 2020




Happy New Month & Sunday Lovelies!
I hope y'all are doing just great!

This weekend I decided to just take my time to relax and just have a me-time by visiting the spa immediately I woke up first thing on Saturday for Four hours.

What does the spa offer?

Well, they had lots of relaxing sections: 
  1. Outdoor jacuzzi, 
  2. Indoor jacuzzi with relaxing aromas (scented), 
  3. Sun-room, 
  4. swimming pools,
  5. Ice Bath,
  6. Sauna, 
  7. 60°c Sauna session with an instructor,
  8. Rain forest shower with different aromas,
  9. Hot-Stone room where you lay on it (as seen in one of the pictures above), 
  10. swimming pools.

This was my favorite:

  • The Sauna session with the instructor was good, we had different aromas: lavender, mint & white rose. People left that session because it was super hot, but your girl here loves it! 😂
  • I also did love the outdoor jacuzzi it was really chillaxing. 
  • I did like the rain forest shower with a rose aroma. Thus the ice bath I didn't even dare go to that session haha. 
  • Lastly, I loved the hot stone session. I almost slept off, like really deep sleep. It was just amazing.


I took a cool bath and shower and headed home to prepare for a dinner date I had at my favorite restaurant you guys already know about. 

Thus I had to quickly branch into a grocery store to get some coffee because there was a special offer on one of my favorite coffee (only coffee addicts would understand).

Once I got home, I took another shower again because I love HOoT showers 🙈
Afterward, I did my hair and makeup within 30mins and headed out. 
Most of you bombarded my DMs, and messager wanting to know how I achieved the "wet hair look"
and makeup and also my shredding season tips (on how to lose weight) and I promised that I'd make that post but shredding tips would be a Youtube video I'm going to make.

In the next post I give further details on achieving certain things you requested for. Thus, for now, I've to continue to enjoy the last hours of this week before this new week start. As I'm getting older I take my weekends very seriously, so no business during the weekends because: "I CAN'T COME & KILL MYSELF". Hahaha if you know that song, then you're a G, my friend. 

Until then lovelies, I wish you all an amazing week ahead & don't forget to spread peace and love around the vicinity you find yourself in.


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