Tuesday, 3 March 2020


The dinner outfit after the Spa Treatment last Saturday. 

A Corset-top & Black detail Denim.

Alcohol-Free Passion Fruit Mojito.

Shellfish soup: Mussels & Cockles shellfishes with carrots. (My second favorite).

Tunafish salad & Shrimp appetizers. 

My all-time favorite: Shrimps bowl.

Eating my shrimps with love, that love for season-food haha😂
There is a video of me eating this, and it super funny, I'll upload it later on my Instagram page.

After dinner restroom selfie.

Behind the scenes.

Back home exhausted look but happy inside.

That look when you know it's time to remove them heels LOL!!

I tried taking a portrait with a timer = blurry pic haha!

Okay, this was much better.

This was better actually but look behind 😂 my unpacked travel bag from last week. The following day I fixed it, you know I got OCD with cleanliness and coordination. 

Hairs up: Time to take a shower. 

One last selfie you know 😝

After shower snack before I head to bed. 

Happy Tuesday guys hope y'all started this week with a positive mental approach. 
I try to always speak and proclaim positivity into every week that I'm privileged to see and live by. 

Today I received amazing news on something I've been working on for the past 3 months and I'm super grateful for the outcome. Thus, there is more to come with the faith I have and the Grace of God that strengthens me, I inform you all about it in the due time. But for now, let's get back to last weekend.

The Look: 
I promised to give you the detailed info about this look because sharing is caring, and it's great when we all win and not fight against each other, it doesn't condone humanity.

  • Top: The Corset Top I bought some years ago from H&M Premium Quality limited Collection.
  • Jean: Black jeans I bought at a Scandinavian clothing boutique called GINA TRICOT.
  • Fur Jacket: Bought at Zara.
  • Shoe: Bought at a Scandinavian clothing complex Nordiska Kompaniet (NK). Brand: Acne Studios.
  • Makeup: Lips; KKW Beauty, Foundation & Concealer; Lancôme &  Christian Dior. Eyeshadow: Morphe Autumn eyeshadow palette.
  • HairSchwarzkopf got2b glued blasting freeze spray & coconut oil to achieve that wet wavy look.

It took me max 30mins to get prepare; get dressed, hair & makeup, because nobody got time for overloads of makeup with hours being spent that can be put into other creative innovations. 

I hope I answered your questions regarding this look. I'd make a video on recreating this look, but for now, I made an interesting video earlier today that is very knowledgeable that everybody can learn from and apply it to their plan on achieving it.
I'd edit it later on this week before uploading it later( haven't fixed a date yet to publish) but will notify you in time about it.

I wish you all a splendid evening and continue to spread positivity because life is too short to be caring around grudges.



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