Thursday, 28 November 2019


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Hi, Lovelies! 
So here come most of the deals I got for you. You can tap the banner for the direct link to their offers or you click on the listed link I instructed to click on.




Happy Thanksgiving lovelies!

Thus, I give thanks to God on a daily basis.

Today is an extremely special day to give extra thanks & appreciation to Him, for all He has done; Health, Wealth, Family, Work, School & Friends.

Having a roof over your head should give you some sense of appreciation to God, because what you have as daily necessities, someone, somewhere can’t afford it.

So be grateful for what you have, and be kind!💕🥰 

I wish I was home with the fam, but everyone is busy somewhere. 
So I'm here today fixing last-minute things; baking Oats blueberry-banana bread(Gluten-Free),  buying Christmas gifts, editing a video, preparing for C'BANKS Collection's Black Friday tomorrow whilst writing the special links and codes from other brands I collab with, their offers to you. And all of them are coming out today.

Until then lovelies!... Stay hydrated & positive. 

Sunday, 24 November 2019


Happy Sunday Lovelies!
Hope y'all are doing just great?!
I myself, have so much on my plate to consume if you know what I mean. 
I'm trying my best to just fix some things for the week from school work to my company and my private life. 
Thus, let me take you back to last week when I was completely stress-free a.k.a my Birthday weekend. Last Sunday was actually my birthday, spent it practically being at a Winery and a castle hotel & also being at the spa. 

It was a great weekend to finally relax and care just for myself than to care for others which most people don't know that about me. I put others first before myself which I'm trying to change because you don't always get that back in return which I never talk about and just try to neglect it, but this time around as one age, I don't have time to care and help people in need that aren't grateful. 

Back to the weekend trip, I was quite tipsy due to the wine drinking, but it was an amazing experience I was supposed to spend the weekend in Italy but there I changed my plan within 24hrs hahaha!... Super grateful to the amazing messages calls from people I haven't spoken with in years, and gifts that are still coming in, y'all know who you are!... I'm still in shock over it. 
The dress which I wore on my Birthday isn't my design but I changed the design. It's a vintage design from Versace, I've only worn it once so I decided to redesign it so I can wear it. I don't like re-wearing evening gowns more than once. So I made a split at the side and it actually came out perfect as I imagined it to be. The fur jacket is from Balmain. 

The restaurant at this castle was amazing from the view towards the river to the architectural details from the Chateauesque style of the 16th century, thus quite pricey (it could pay a weekend trip to & from Paris🤣) but loved every bit of it and got to enjoy the meal served by a renown chef and just sit there without any customers there either! TOPNOTCH!

 In the next blog post, I will give you some details about this weekend! But for now, I need to get through with what I'm working on and get to bed ASAP!  

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Saturday, 23 November 2019


Hi Guys!

BLACK FRIDAY is around the corner, and BLACK WEEK is popping from left to right for early shoppers who may not be able to shop on Black-Friday. 
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Until then Lovelies...

Monday, 7 October 2019


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Sunday, 1 September 2019



Happy New Month Darlings!

Finally but sadly Autumn is here, and why I denoted it as 'sadly' is because that means Winter is soon around the corner but as for 'finally', I get to wear some Cozy & Comfy jackets.

Thus, I'm just ready to be done with the year 2019 and start a New year with plans, plans & plans!! haha🤣

Back to the topic of this post, my chill mode was to meal-prep, dance my ass off whilst facing the mirror haha!!.. Then edited the latest video that is LIVE on my YouTube channel.  Although I went out this past Friday night. 

OH! P.S: Make sure you watch the video! 

Right now I'm making (writing down) a recipe list of my 24hr marinated chicken with white-wine, to give out to most of you who wanted the recipe. Don't worry, I got ya back!!

For now, I need to watch me some Netflix & Eat after doing some shopping at IKEA today, which I put up on my IG Stories was some funny sh*t that happened to me. But I'll keep that for the next post hahaha!!🤣

Goodnight & Have a Great week ahead!


Thursday, 29 August 2019

My Current Physique

Went to do some little shopping.

Just because I love selfie.

Today's dinner: Mixed veggies, Oven grilled chicken & 80g rice.

Getting Ready to do my facials, blog and then head to bed to doze off.

Hi Darlings! 

Hope y'all are enjoying this last week of summer?!
Can Summer 2020 just come 😭 hahaha!!! 🤣

This Summer was actually my calmest Summer, I didn't party that much because I'm in my shredding season (where I lose weight) which is roughly about 20weeks of an extremely healthy-strict diet  & super intense workouts. 
I started my shredding season on the 3rd of June 2019 and I'm on my 13th week this week & so far 
I've lost -16.4 kg.
Some of you saw the super crazy workouts and meals I had during the summer on my IG and requested I make a video, which I promised to do. 
But pardon me that it hasn't been filmed yet because it's going to be a long video for sure. Thus full of detailed content for a great use for you.
So get your pen & notebook ready when it comes out next month; September. 

For now, here are pictures I took today although the first picture was taken yesterday.