Sunday, 9 December 2018


Hello, Darlings!

Forgive for not blogging for months. Life caught me up with adult duties; studies, business, and other aspects of life (family and relationship).
But you know, your girl is a hard worker & a hustler, never settling for less!

Last month was my birthday, it was amazing. I'll make a special post about it, but it was also my blog's birthday making it 6years old. DAMN Daniel!!!... Approaching almost a decade!

Can't wait for next year's adventures, I've planned so far for myself and also my business,
 and fitness-life: 
I've decided to hit the stage again to compete, it was good I took this whole year to focus on another aspect of my life, which is my career, studies,  relationship with God, family, partner and most importantly health (mentally and physically).

I'm grateful and happy to bring you guys along into my life sequences this coming year 2019.
It ain't gonna be an easy task, but HEY!... What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!
That's what I live for! 

Until the next post update Darlings, have a splendid week ahead! 

I'm gonna study and cross-check my week plan.