Wednesday, 27 June 2018

OTR II World Tour Stockholm



Hi, Banks'-Squad!
Hope you all, are doing just great?!

As many of you know, I'm a BEYHIVE Fan! Since I was 8years old 🔥
And even though I'm getting older, I still root for Queen B haha!... The love continues to grow stronger!

So, this pasted Monday (25th of June), 
was the OTR II world tour for Stockholm, Sweden.
As busy as I am nowadays, I couldn't miss this concert. 
The Formation Tour (the year 2016), I got the chance of standing by the side of the stage, I could literally touch her!... It was a magical experience! 

This year's OTR 2 tour BEYONCÉ and JAY-Z performed together as a couple, and it was just amazing!

 I was close to the stage, I had the fan club 'Carter' band ticket.
The people who were lucky to at the right side of the stage had the VIP bands, which were top 
 Swedish A-listers, I was in awe to meet practically most of them,
From Zara Larsson, Seinabo Sey, Bianca Ingrosso, Benjamin Ingrosso, Kenza,  to Penetoz and Dani M and Linda Pira! ...If you know who they are!...HAHA!

As you can see from the clip above, the concert was beyond words!
It was quite funny after the concert, both me and my brother who attended the concert, forgot to check-in to the hotel earlier that day,  and the reception had a rule of check-in time being done before by 11:00 hahaha! 
Luckily enough, I called them at the reception and told them that we would be in town in 10mins after 11:00pm to check-in,  even though we knew it was impossible, due to the huge crowd who were waiting  to board the subway train 😂

But the hotel service was amazing they waited for me and my brother. 
I was super hungry that I had to go outside the hotel to find me the nearest fast-food and got myself a sandwich and an orange juice. 
Next morning, my brother left for work home to Gothenburg city✈️
Then, I later left during the day after missing my train in the morning, but that gave me the chance to eat out my abs at the Breakfast Buffé 🤣
I love food😍 and the hotel rent was super expensive for a night because it's located in the city's avenue in Stockholm 🙄
 So, of course, I got to enjoy the money spent there!
Now, I'm back at my university's apartment, preparing to head home to Gothenburg city (after I attend a meeting next week), which I have with the bank for the company. 
P.S: The release date will be announced this week. 🤗

The next concert on my TO-ATTEND list is, Way Out West, which I'm longing for because of our homeboy WIZKID 🇳🇬 and KENDRICK LAMAR will be performing at the festival! 

Until then Lovelies, I have to go make myself dinner and start packing my bags for my travel home to the family and friends! 
They miss my crazy ass!🤣

Okay, guys, I've to stop here if not, I may end up writing a bible for ya all! 😅
Make sure you all Sign-up for the launching of C'BANKS Collection so you don't miss out! 

Chioma Banks. 

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