Friday, 29 June 2018

Almost Lost My Life.

The night before my reaction after removing my makeup.

On way to the chemist to pick up my medical prescriptions.

Hi, lovelies!

I hope you all are having a great start of the weekend!

For Me, I'm in a recovery mode, from a horrible experience I had yesterday, that was super scary!

Don't worry, I will explain what happened.

Yesterday, I woke with an eye-inflammation (which I regularly experience since I was a kid), I'm pretty sensitive in my eyes.
So, I went to the fridge to get an antibiotics eye-cream which I applied to my eyes (used this amazing product for years). 
Surprisingly,  I noticed that I was finding it hard to breathe, and was feeling feverish, then made myself a quick breakfast which was a smoothie.
But my body started to react badly with a swollen face within the space of 6 hours, an explosion of rashes appeared on my face, which has never happened to me in my entire life, with a painful eye and was pure red!

Anyone who knows me knows I hate visiting the hospital but when it comes to a life-threatening issue, I can't hesitate but get my butt there!😅

So, my friend drove me there and it was becoming worse by the second.
 When we arrived at the emergency ward, they quickly admitted me to the hospital, got two nurses attending to me at the same time, started with giving medications, before the doctor came.

It was an allergic reaction that was dreadful, both the nurses and the doctor were super worried because had it been I ignored these reactions longer, I'd have passed out.

I Thank God I'm still alive till this moment, we left the hospital early this morning around 04:00am after spending almost 10hours there, because they wanted to keep a watch of my body.

When I got home I slept off immediately, when I woke up, 
I notice the rashes had reduced a lot and getting dried up, isn't the body amazing?!
If you all had seen my face yesterday you'd be shocked at the gigantic rashes I got and at the football swollen face I got, my friend couldn't stop but continuously laugh how it looked😂.

But it ain't done yet!... because I've another doctors appointment now to check for a new allergic test, so I don't experience such again because normally I know the things I'm allergic to and dread them, but yesterday was on another level that we couldn't root out.

Later on today, I went to the chemist to pick up my medical prescriptions, (picked a few to start off with for the next 14 days, and after that, I get to pick up another prescription). 
The rashes are quite visible even though I have makeup on.

Soon after, I went to a restaurant to eat some gluten-free double cheeseburgers because I had to celebrate my thesis results which I passed, and also escaping a dreadful allergic reaction I didn't pay attention to on time. 

Right now, I'm at home reading a fashion magazine (PR) I received from a top Swedish magazine company 'Darmernas Värld'. 

Sermon of the day Darlings, never ignore your body even at the slightest reaction, pay good attention!

I gotta end here squad and watch a movie via NETFLIX.

Wish you all Lovelies an amazing weekend!

Chioma Banks.

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