Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My Current Shredding Physique Update.

Hi, Lovelies!
Hope you all are doing great!

I wanted to share with you my current shredding season body update.
For exactly 5 weeks ago, I did a blog post of my then current physique, but since then I've gone down -8kg extra, as I'm getting close to my competition.
As you all know, my past bulking season was crazy I increased my calorie intake up to 2500kcal  in order to gain extra 15kg so I can reconstruct the muscles. 
Which I did, within the space of 14weeks, and it was time to shred some of the gains. 
At the beginning of my shredding season, it wasn't easy because I fell sick, so I slowed it down and lost only a bit -2kg.

Until the month of March, then I went fully in with my shredding/cutting season and now 
I'm down with -8kg and -10kg total from the bulking weight.

If you all are wondering how much I weigh normally, it is 63kg, and I added 15kg making it 77kg during my bulking season,(November 2017 - February 2018) and now I weigh 67kg in my shredding season. 

One thing you should all know is, don't go and add such a drastic weight if you aren't a fitness athlete because it ain't an easy task!.. I workout 2 times six days a week, with pure intense heavyweight lifting, the Arnold style of bodybuilding, but my body is already used to it because I've been in the fitness industry for 5 good years. 
So, I won't recommend such drastic bulking for new beginners, but for other athletes, if you have what it takes with the pace and dedication why not?!

Regardless of this, all that matters is your genetics, because if you have a good genetic, your body tends to cooperate accordingly to your workout and healthy meals with high nutrition. But if you have a bad genetic which is weak, your body type will mostly resist itself into structuring/ building it. 

I've made a video on how to lose weight and today I'm going to film a video on how you easily identify your body type genetics, and how you can build them accordingly. 

Thank you Lovelies! 
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I wish you all lovely mid-week!


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