Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What I Eat In A Day.

Breakfast Option 1:- 
Gluten Free Oatporridge mixed Whey Protein powder, topped with Blueberries and Raspberries.

Breakfast Option 2:- 

Scrambled eggs 🍳 topped with Tomatoes 🍅 Mushrooms 🍄 Onion and 2 whole fresh eggs with an extra 50ml of egg whites

Breakfast Option 3:- 
Gluten Free Oats mixed Whey Protein powder 30g, Raspberries 40g, Blueberries 50g and 300ml of Oats' milk. 

Lunch Option 1: 
30g of white parboiled Rice, 125g of Salmon fish, Sriracha chili and six pieces of Asparagus. 

Lunch option 2:
Oven cooked, mixed veggies, consisting of Broccoli, Green beans, Carrots, Mushrooms, Baby corn) and steamed Codfish.
Lunch option 3: 
Mixed salad consisting of tomato, Green-Yellow-Red peppers, Pear fruit, Lettuce and Sweet corn, with 60g white Rice and steamed cooked Chicken breast, with 0.5% Cottage Cheese mixed with Sriracha chili and extra chili at the side. 

Dinner Option 1: 
Tuna fish salad consisting of Kidney beans, Carrots, and Cucumber. 130g.

Dinner option 2:
WOK veggies 90g with extra steamed Broccoli 60g.

Dinner Option 3: 
Vegan salad consisting of Kidney beans, Carrots, Cucumber,  Tomato, and Sweet corn. 130g.

Hello, Darlings! 
Majority of you always ask me what I eat in a day when both Shredding and Bulking, and I've done a post of it under my bulking season but now it's Shredding season time, I haven't done a post of it yet.

The pictures above are basically what I eat a day when shredding. 

My breakfast consists mostly of highly enriched fibers and fruits mostly berries, that serves as an antioxidant. I make sure my breakfast is high in Potassium, Calcium, Vitamin C, B6, Iron, and Zinc.

Whereas, my lunch consists of Omega3, healthy Low-Fat and Low Carbs.

And dinner consists of no cholesterol meals, high in Vitamin A, C, and Calcium, Dietary fibers. 

Plus I take other health supplements such Multi-vitamin tablets.

I'm going to make a video on how I prepare them and how I count my Macros i.e counting my calorie intake.

Have a lovely evening Dearies! 

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