Sunday, 4 March 2018

My Current Body Physique!

Happy Sunday Lovelies!
 As most of you I'm on my Shredding season, I usually bulk for 3 months ( increase my calorie intake, to add weight) for more muscle gains, and then after Shred off my body weight (reducing my calorie intake) mostly excess body fat for a more symmetrical structured and defined muscle visibility look (deficit i body fat) especially when I'm going to compete.

Right now, I'm my body has surely increased in Muscle mass. As most of you ask to make a post of what I eat in a day, I'm going to make a video of it. 
Here's a glimpse of how I currently look, it isn't an easy task while in a shredding seasoning because it consists of extremely tough discipline and dedication but most of all psychological well-being. 

But like I always say, with dedication and zeal, you can reach every peak/climax ahead of you!

This week, I'm going upload a video of what I eat in a day, and give my honest tips on how you can lose weight rapidly, with the right health regimes!

Wish you all a lovely weekend ahead!

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