Sunday, 11 March 2018


Happy Sunday Lovelies!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend?! ... And for my lovely women, I hope you all got to enjoy International Women's Day and today also being Mother's Day, a powerful week!
For me, the celebration of women is on a daily basis!
But today is very special because it's for all the Lovely superwomen mothers out there!

I'm grateful to God for blessing me and my brother with our Gorgeous and Incredible mother! 
For me, she's the ultimate Superheroine for giving me life and making us being a goal scorer and not a keeper!

I love you, Mum! CHEERS! 

Today,  I went to a morning mass i.e church, of course, ate my breakfast before heading out. Afterward, I came home study for 2 hours and then ate lunch and listened to music, before editing a workout video for the channel this evening.
Now, I'm about to leave the house to the gym, for some legs workout, afterward I'm gonna chillax at home and call my mum!
Guys, I'm -5kg down from bulking weight, feelings amazing that the shredding regime is going fantastic!

More details of it will be up on next blog! 


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What I Eat In A Day.

Breakfast Option 1:- 
Gluten Free Oatporridge mixed Whey Protein powder, topped with Blueberries and Raspberries.

Breakfast Option 2:- 

Scrambled eggs 🍳 topped with Tomatoes 🍅 Mushrooms 🍄 Onion and 2 whole fresh eggs with an extra 50ml of egg whites

Breakfast Option 3:- 
Gluten Free Oats mixed Whey Protein powder 30g, Raspberries 40g, Blueberries 50g and 300ml of Oats' milk. 

Lunch Option 1: 
30g of white parboiled Rice, 125g of Salmon fish, Sriracha chili and six pieces of Asparagus. 

Lunch option 2:
Oven cooked, mixed veggies, consisting of Broccoli, Green beans, Carrots, Mushrooms, Baby corn) and steamed Codfish.
Lunch option 3: 
Mixed salad consisting of tomato, Green-Yellow-Red peppers, Pear fruit, Lettuce and Sweet corn, with 60g white Rice and steamed cooked Chicken breast, with 0.5% Cottage Cheese mixed with Sriracha chili and extra chili at the side. 

Dinner Option 1: 
Tuna fish salad consisting of Kidney beans, Carrots, and Cucumber. 130g.

Dinner option 2:
WOK veggies 90g with extra steamed Broccoli 60g.

Dinner Option 3: 
Vegan salad consisting of Kidney beans, Carrots, Cucumber,  Tomato, and Sweet corn. 130g.

Hello, Darlings! 
Majority of you always ask me what I eat in a day when both Shredding and Bulking, and I've done a post of it under my bulking season but now it's Shredding season time, I haven't done a post of it yet.

The pictures above are basically what I eat a day when shredding. 

My breakfast consists mostly of highly enriched fibers and fruits mostly berries, that serves as an antioxidant. I make sure my breakfast is high in Potassium, Calcium, Vitamin C, B6, Iron, and Zinc.

Whereas, my lunch consists of Omega3, healthy Low-Fat and Low Carbs.

And dinner consists of no cholesterol meals, high in Vitamin A, C, and Calcium, Dietary fibers. 

Plus I take other health supplements such Multi-vitamin tablets.

I'm going to make a video on how I prepare them and how I count my Macros i.e counting my calorie intake.

Have a lovely evening Dearies! 

Sunday, 4 March 2018

My Current Body Physique!

Happy Sunday Lovelies!
 As most of you I'm on my Shredding season, I usually bulk for 3 months ( increase my calorie intake, to add weight) for more muscle gains, and then after Shred off my body weight (reducing my calorie intake) mostly excess body fat for a more symmetrical structured and defined muscle visibility look (deficit i body fat) especially when I'm going to compete.

Right now, I'm my body has surely increased in Muscle mass. As most of you ask to make a post of what I eat in a day, I'm going to make a video of it. 
Here's a glimpse of how I currently look, it isn't an easy task while in a shredding seasoning because it consists of extremely tough discipline and dedication but most of all psychological well-being. 

But like I always say, with dedication and zeal, you can reach every peak/climax ahead of you!

This week, I'm going upload a video of what I eat in a day, and give my honest tips on how you can lose weight rapidly, with the right health regimes!

Wish you all a lovely weekend ahead!