Monday, 1 January 2018

My 2017 NYE Celebration.

HAPPY NEW YEAR lovelies!

Hope you all had a fantastic NYE celebrations?! 

And recovering gradually from all the festivities of 2017!

For Me, I had an amazing one, spent it with friends and family.

Started with having dinner together with the family, just a normal tradition, before the kids go out to party haha! 
2016's NYE we hosted a huge Pre-NYE's party at our house, but this pasted NYE party was hosted by one of our friend's.
It was a huge turn-up party with over 40 people in the house with even a bar and a bartender, but we took our drinks (champagne, Bacardi & Martinis).
There were lots of activities to do in different rooms, including Beer-pong, lounge and the dancing floor.
At first, I wanted to just chill indoors and take it easy, but my brother, and my friend summoned Me to come out haha! 
I was late, my brother and other friends were there for hours before me.
I promise to change that game of coming at the last minute this year 2018 haha.

It was just a full of fun night to be remembered, I would say, and now is the time for some Goal-Digging,
time for accomplishments.

I hope you all are also super eager to make bold steps this year. 

My Outfit Details:- 

Chanel Vintage Black Dress.  

Black clutch from Gina Tricot (a Swedish brand).

Shoe from JustFab.

That was it Lovelies!..Very simple outfit and the same as my makeup. 


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