Saturday, 6 January 2018

Huge Collaboration with Freebies for you!

Hey Lovelies! 
Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend?!

I've been wanting to share this exciting news since last month but couldn't, had to wait for all the process to be done before announcing it to you dearies!

Now, I can finally share with you that I'm collaborating with Martha Stewart! 👩🏽‍🍳
This is a dream come through!!

As we know, Martha is Godess when it comes to cooking recipes, she's even written tons of cook books and has a cooking tv show with celebrities. 

She has lots of healthy recipes and fresh ingredients to help you through your diet, you also get instructions guide on how to prepare this meals.
And there vegetarian options too.

You get to order meal box for two persons with either 2squared meal -3squared meal and then get serving every week.
A days meal plan goes for $60 per week. 

 And they ship worldwide and Free shipping within the US.

Every week I'm going to post about my favourite recipe of the week from Martha's kitchen. 
Hope you all like it!
GOOD NEWS YOU ALL WILL GET A $25 discount at your order as a New Year Gift from Me 
to you. 

Click on the direct to the meal plan and you get automatically your discount.
👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽


Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Do You Think He Did It?!

Hello Lovelies! 
Hope you all are slowly recovering from all the merriments of the festivities!
For me, I've been indoors doing the Netflix & Chill all by myself at home..Hahaha! 
Had some snacks of course(Ben & Jerry's and Smoked Salmon fish), to keep Me entertained!..LOL!

I've been watching serie movies and completed each within 24hours x 3 =  It took Me 3 days to watch 
'The Punisher,  Designated Survivor, The People vs. O. J Simpson and lastly Stranger Things'.

Out of all these serie movie, I was mesmerised by ''The People vs. O.J Simpson'' because I've heard a lot about the actual story while I was younger from my mum talking about it the verdict.
But I was quite young and didn't really understand why every pointed fingers towards O.J, after watching it, the trial and pictures, I've been super fascinated that the Jury actually let a murderer go scot-free.
Done tons of research and watch the actual trial court case and even the documented evidence, just being fascinated. 

Guys what do you think?
 Comment below if you think he is guilty of his ex wife's death and her friend's too.

Well, that has practically been my days so far, before heading back to school and Shredding season starts too. I've bought everything (training equipments)  including more healthy supplements I need during this shredding season which I'm going to share with you all by next week.
So in case if you're wandering what supplements to use, you can use my prescription as a guidance. 

Have a lovely night darlings! 

Monday, 1 January 2018

My 2017 NYE Celebration.

HAPPY NEW YEAR lovelies!

Hope you all had a fantastic NYE celebrations?! 

And recovering gradually from all the festivities of 2017!

For Me, I had an amazing one, spent it with friends and family.

Started with having dinner together with the family, just a normal tradition, before the kids go out to party haha! 
2016's NYE we hosted a huge Pre-NYE's party at our house, but this pasted NYE party was hosted by one of our friend's.
It was a huge turn-up party with over 40 people in the house with even a bar and a bartender, but we took our drinks (champagne, Bacardi & Martinis).
There were lots of activities to do in different rooms, including Beer-pong, lounge and the dancing floor.
At first, I wanted to just chill indoors and take it easy, but my brother, and my friend summoned Me to come out haha! 
I was late, my brother and other friends were there for hours before me.
I promise to change that game of coming at the last minute this year 2018 haha.

It was just a full of fun night to be remembered, I would say, and now is the time for some Goal-Digging,
time for accomplishments.

I hope you all are also super eager to make bold steps this year. 

My Outfit Details:- 

Chanel Vintage Black Dress.  

Black clutch from Gina Tricot (a Swedish brand).

Shoe from JustFab.

That was it Lovelies!..Very simple outfit and the same as my makeup.