Thursday, 14 December 2017

It Is Nothing To be Shy About!

Hey Lovelies!
Hope you all are in the Christmas feeling just like me?!...haha!
Christmas season is my favourite holiday but also an emotional loving holiday!

Sorry I haven't been able to update the blog, been quite busy with school and some project that I soon will get to inform you broader on, and some exciting collaboration which most of you have probably heard of a few on Snap some weeks ago.
The plan was actually to publicise it, but I've really down.
I've been ill, but on recovering mode, had a mental breakdown.
Mental illness doesn't mean you're crazy, this is just an illness due to stress and over thinking your brain tends to take breakdown and all it needs is rest and mindfulness!
So, I've been super stress from relocation, to school work and trying to make it work with being active on my social media platform and there the body needed went off! 
And when this happens, most of my friends who knows me well, tends to know I become anti-social and wanting to interact with anyone, which some people who don't know me may think I'm just dissing them, No, that's not the case and hope you now understand!
It come with depression, which I gone through years ago but you all who has gone through this knows that it somewhat comes back, some try to defeat it by excessive drinking of alcohol (which I've done before), some choose working out, which I do, to get myself back. 
But for days now, I haven't been to the gym, I'm still down with cold, with a lost voice haha!
But I'm happy with the friends I have, who are constantly there to support me!
One of my friends was here this pasted weekend to check up on me, and now this weekend my best-friend is coming over, I really miss her, would be fun to have around to bring some smiles back on my face, with our crazy stories haha! 

So, this what has been I've been going through, and I finally realise it's nothing to be shy about, is either you're for me or against me, I don't really care!
And now, in school I'm just doing my best not allowing my emotions affect it by just being calm, even though some people attitudes just portrays resentment towards me, thinking they're the smartest just because I don't speak the perfect swedish when it isn't my mother tongue (English), is just completely barbaric and stupid, this ain't high school!... 
Like mum always says 'empty vessels make most noise!'
Because you have no idea what they're going through, only if you were to be in their shoes then you'd get the clear picture!
Being jealous about me, makes no sense, regardless of the fancy stuff and wealth me and my family may have, I'm far away from being perfect human being! 
No one is perfect but there is something called Karma, so I live my life gracefully with just appreciation that I get to see each day I'm alive on earth.
I hope you learn from that!

Thank You lovelies for still checking up on the blog.
Can't wait also to annouce the new collaborations that are being lined up, and I'm grateful that this companies were able to understand my situation and help postponed the dates! 
Thank you!

Chioma Banks.

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