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What I Haven't Been Open About.

Hey Lovelies! 
It's been quite a while I updated the blog. 
I've been trying to settle down with school but I'm happy the storm is soon to be over!

Okay back to the topic :- ''What I haven't been open about''.
I've been wanting to open about this from the day one I started this blog but I kept feeling cold about it... But for the pasted 1 month meeting and interacting with new people, something really bothered me, because I myself have the same issue and knowing my daily struggle trying to fight it and not letting it put me down, I started to wonder and think about other youths how difficult it's for them to not feel accepted.
What is this that I'm talking about? 
This is NOT a disease some people try to insinuate.
I have struggled all my life trying not to let the social mors towards dyslexia affect me! 

Dyslexia doesn't make you stupid or less intelligent! 
I had one of the best grades graduating from my school and it's nothing to brag about, but it's facts!.. 
And I'm dyslexic! 
I remembered last year when one of my teacher, sat me down to talk about how amazed he was on an exam we had everyone failed but I passed with a B regardless of my dyslexia and I brought up more topics regarding it he hadn't touched.
This is because dyslexia doesn't affect your intelligence. 
Dyslexic people are considered people with a high distinct level in IQ, because we tend to solve things with different thinking skills, it's like a picture grabbing mindset and have long-term memories.

Things You Should Educate Yourself More On! :- 
- Dyslexic Gifts

                                    - Dyslexics often enjoy and excel at solving puzzles.

                   - Dyslexics have excellent comprehension of the stories read or told them.

   - Most dyslexics often have a better sense of spatial relationships and better use of their right brain.

 - Dyslexics have excellent thinking skills in the areas of conceptualization, reason, imagination, and 

                - Dyslexics have a strong ability to see concepts with a "big picture" perspective.

                      - Dyslexics are adept to excellence in areas not dependent on reading.

                        - Dyslexics typically have a large spoken vocabulary for their age.

                      - Dyslexics tend to be more curious, creative, and intuitive than average.

                     - Dyslexics’ special mode of thought easily produces the gift of mastery.

                                     - Dyslexia is not related to low intelligence.

I recently had an exam 5 days after I started a new program haven't had any book textbooks yet because I've only been there 5 days ( I joined one month after the program started), when the result came out you needed 20points to pass and I got 18 points, (even though I DON'T believe in failure) and my program administrator was surprised because the plan was for me to just go to the examination hall to see how the questions were like, but I answered some questions.
SO NEVER JUDGE PEOPLE based on what you have no idea about! 

What You Don't Know 

- Dyslexia can affect spoken language, written language and language comprehension.

- Dyslexics have trouble breaking down unfamiliar words into letter-sound segments. As a result, reading is slow and filled with errors.

              - Dyslexics require extra time and effort to process language information.

                   - Dyslexics often need to be taught to look at words linearly, left-to-right.

That's why during oral presentations I tend to stamma while reading off a paper because it becomes severely unreadable, and then people tend to think maybe she can't read! 

NO, that is absolutely not the case! 

That's why I barely interact through texting, I'm always on phone calling because it's more easier for me to communicate than spending time trying to see everything is perfect before sending the text. 
I'm happy to have friends and family that understand and supports me!

Thank God for modern day technology, it's more easier for us to have Speech to Text to avoid longer time when writing assignments. 

So to you guys who haven't educated yourself more on dyslexia should because your words, attitude and lack of right info can provoke a dyslexic and also lead them to emotional discomfort! 
There are lots of dyslexics that hold a well prestige jobs such as Bosses, CEOs and even own their companies. 


 I hope you all learn from this post 
learn to support a dyslexic around you!


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