Monday, 9 October 2017

Things You Should Know When Starting A Healthy Lifestyle.

Good evening Lovelies!
I've gotten lots of requests to post about ''Starting a healthy lifestyle'' again. 
So, basically there isn't so much complicated about it, the most important things to consider will be listed below :-

Don't indulge yourself in combining healthy meals and junk foods because it'll put you right far away from getting the results of your labour at the gym.

 Regulate your workout sessions. Your regime should consist of different variations of workouts with intervals leading to breaks/rests from each after being executed /done. 

Try to cage your calorie intake but don't be over dramatic about it, especially if you're not going to participate in any Fitness Competitions. If you're trying to burn some fat,  you don't have to starve yourself because you're risking your body organs and when it reaches the stage of nutrients deficiency you're at the stage of getting a chronic illness. 

You don't have to start taking all the supplements in this world just to feel belong in the World of Fitness. 
When I started my fitness journey, the first 5 months, I ate only clean meals NO supplements, my supplement then was Double-Esspresso every morning before my workouts haha.
TRY to learn and understand your body first before indulging into them. 

Never put yourself in the position of comparing yourself to others in the fitness industry. One thing you'd remember is, no one was with muscles, not even Me, it's all hard work and dedication.
If you focus more on yourself, I promise you the sky will be your limit.
My home gym is considered the gym for Elites Athletes, that when I started working out there I was scared and a bit intimidated by the muscle men I saw, but one day I said to myself 'You Know What?!..I'm going to work hard and will never settle for the less.
I woke up every morning by 4:30am to get to the gym by 5:00am and workout my ass when the gym was more calm at that time, and that determination brought me to where I am today. 
So, I want you guys to have that in you, when you think you can't make it, that's when your body should take that bold step and say that you can make it regardless of what it'll take you.

Lastly stay positive to yourself, that's one thing that has kept me moving, even at the worst of situations I always keep a positive mind because I know that with a positive mindset comes fast and great solutions without stress!

I will stop here Lovelies! 
Hope I got to motivate you guys a bit this evening. Don't worry I'll post more about Fitness Lifestyle.


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