Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Peak Of It All.


Hey Lovelies!
I know as always like I do say, you guys are wondering how things have been going for Me.
I'm in that stage of my life that I tend to face and solve my challenges according to my Knowledge,Strength and Positive Thinking. 
P.s  For those of you new to the YouTube channel, Blog, Twitter or Instagram, for the past 3months hasn't been the best of months (A week after my graduation, Broke one of my Rib-->Moving to another city up North (Alaska of Sweden) over 800km from my Hometown to further my studies --> Finding the program wasn't for Me, then moved down North-south to study a much self-deserving  program. 
BUT in between them all there were lots of challengess, because I was doing this all by myself, when living far apart from my family and friends! 
YES! I moved to this cities all alone, within the space of 1 month, when I moved here to this second city 'Carl-city' lived at a hotell for 1 week that was super expensive, until a real angel in my new program that I started studying at i.e my lovely classmate offered me to sleep over at her apartment for 8 days, super incredible and lovely lady, showed me around in the city, went out with other lovely classmates of ours to enjoy the rest of the evenings.
 It was Crazy and an amazing fun time! 
Two nights ago was my first night ever at my new apartment, I live on the 10th floor and the view is super cool! 
Meanwhile today, I continued my day 4 shopping spree at IKEA, got home fixed some stuff, when to school, had One-on-One examined seminars with Lecturers and one of them happens to be my university Vice-Chancellor before this examination I almost passed out hahaha! 
Being interviewed separately by these lectures regarding their books and lectures they've had 1 month before I started this program and I basically started 2 weeks ago, but I crushed it all and surpassed with flying colours, which  they admitted to and were amazed that I could answer their questions.

Now, I'm sitting in the Airport shuttle bus to the Airport on my way to my old apartment up North, because tomorrow a transport agency TNT will be at my doorstep tomorrow to take my properties and deliver them at my new apartment.

I hope you all have a lovely evening while I trying to relax a bit from this thing called stress haha!

Nighty!! NIGHTY!!!

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