Friday, 25 August 2017

One More Weekend To Go!

Hi Lovelies! 
As most of you already know, I'm moving to another city, and same as my lovely brother, whom I haven't lived far apart from, we're going to be 629,1 miles apart from each other! 

Yesterday, leaving his apartment and saying bye was the hardest thing ever, I couldn't help it but shed tears, same feeling when I saw my mum last and telling her bye was super hard.

Well, well!...I don't want to shed tears right now as I'm writing this, even though I'm this type that never show my emotions but I definitely can't hide this one..My Poker-Face can't hide this one!
I'm going to miss him and also our crazy lovely friends, our typical Sunday Traditions of Restaurant Hoe-ing hahaha! 
This funny ass jokes and so on!

Pictures above, were taken last Sunday, I went to the gym worked out with a very good male friend of mine, then met my bestfriend before I attended church service, afterwards Me and my brother met up with our lovely friends!
Here are more oldie pics! 
 I'm going to miss this laughter!❤️

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