Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Finally, After 16 days!

Guys, I'm back again at the gym with daily workouts except for one thing I won't train my Back for some weeks, until I'm fulling recovered.
This is what I had for dinner today, grilled chicken, I pilled off the skin haha, I haven't eaten chicken skin in 9 years, even my family members don't eat chicken skin haha! 😂 
So just pure protein chicken and mixed veggies salad topped with smoked salmon and cottage cheese.

For those of you who don't know or are probably new to my blog,  2 weeks ago, when do my Barbell Heavy weight Squats,  from 150kg and then back to 140kg..During my last set and precisely last Rep,  after squatting down and moving upwards to hang the barbell rod, I heard a noise from my ribs crack, was scared but summoned myself to use my last energy to hang the rod, which I successfully did. 
Then, afterwards I tried to open my weight lifting belt and I got this sharp pain, I couldn't move,the pain was increasing by the second. I was strong enough to carry myself to my place of work, then the pain tripled by hundredth my colleague called the ambulance and they drove me to the emergency ward, they attended to me ASAP with tons of painkillers and some morphine, but all that couldn't help resist the pain. 
The doctors panicked, but they did their best that day...the funniest part of it, when the ambulance attendees explained what had happened they were shocked that I could lift such weight, they even drog tested me for illegal workout supplements (urine & blood prov), and I was 100% clean! 

I'm true 100% natural bodybuilder who happens to be a very young girl sweet girl that can charm you with her looks, charisma and can also kill you at the gym. 
Never underestimate just my looks haha!

But after all said, they did x-rays upon upon x-rays, the first attempt showed only muscles, that the doctor was like Me and my co-doctor colleague where mesmerised by the x-ray you have so much muscles, we couldn't stop starring at it, we're amazed, even though it didn't show them what they wanted, until the second magnetic x-ray which showed the fracture on my last right ribs, and it pushed one of my muscle wall which led into a little blood flow in the muscle that's why my triggered horribly.
I got all the medications (drips and injections) and I almost passed out, threw up 4 times even on my way back home, but one thing for sure I had the nicest doctor and nurse who even offered me a couple of times some healthy sandwiches and a coffee. 
I always this bad luck of meeting mean ass nurses and sometimes doctors but this time it was different. 

And now, I can say to them is Thank You for doing their jobs perfectly well, that I'm in full rapid recovery at the moment.

In 2 days time, I'll be heading back to work, can't wait! 
Feel energised and renewed for everything now.

And today, it did showed, I did my hip thrusters with 190kg 💪🏼
The video is up on my Official Fitness Instagram Page👇🏽

I couldn't stop listening to my Riri 'Wild Thoughts' all through at the gym ❤️

Okay Lovelies, I have to stop here until tomorrow, I shall talk more 😂
Love you all loads! 😘


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