Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Current Physique Update.

Hi Lovelies! 

So here is my current physique update.



So I did the InBody Body Test results, which I normally do every year and it came out perfectly well as I imagined it to be and the staff was shocked because my muscles were beyond superb on the scale haha!.. I was called Small but Mighty haha!😂

Here are some of the results that were being stated in the document :- 

Weight :- 65kg 

Skeletal Muscles :- 40kg 

Fat in kg  :- 10 approx. 9% - 10%

Protein in kg :- 11.2

Body water :- 10.3 

I cant wait for Summer baby! 
I'd make sure to give more workout video tips to you all because I love helping others!

Don't forget to check out the new video I uploaded yesterday on my YouTube channel. 
Comment want videos you all want me to film!


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