Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How To Grow Abs.

Hi Guys! 
So the second most frequently asked question is;


Here's my answer to you Lovelies!

If you're struggle with loosing unnecessary stomach fat then you'd listen to what I've to say in this video! 👇🏽

So, haven seen the video above, here are more tips below!

1. Keep away from Soda drinks❌

2. Drink regularly.

3. Workouts to DO ✅  and NOT Do ❌ :-

Leg Raises✅


Sitted medicine-ball twist✅


Cable-Pull Kneeling Crunches ✅

I hope this does help you out and I will blog more about my Fitness guides / tips to you all Lovelies!


Sunday, 28 May 2017

Preparation for This Special Day Pt. 1

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

I can't believe this special event has got passed 1 week, I still have flashbacks, still can't over it!

Oh how I wish I could draw back the Time-line with a Time Machine😓

Well anyways, it was an amazing day to last an eternity in memory. 

The beginning of that day started with stress, because I didn't wake up at the planned time (I forgot to set my alarm on).  If you know me, I'm a very organised person, I plan my 24 hours
 accordingly from Gym, School, Work, Social-Media business plans /meetings and Free time to hang out with friends.

So, when I woke up, I arranged my room, organised my bags; one to the gym and the second to lounge into the hotel where the event was taking place, but I came back home after working out to switch bags and head to the hotel.

I was about 10minutes late to my check-in time into the hotel due to traffic and then I got this rare panic that I wasn't going to be done with my Hair and Makeup.
But I nailed it, my hair took me approx. 1 hour to style, and then my Makeup took me exactly 30 minutes!✅

I did a natural makeup look with smokey eyes.
The brands of MakeuP I used were :- 

Christian Dior.





Here's a glimpse of how my hotel room looked liked that costed me $180 for one night, I almost cried haha!
Hotel rooms don't come cheap like in the U.K  or States, but it definitely saved me after a long night of partying!

More photos will be up on the blog soon.

Have a lovely Sunday guys! 


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Current Physique Update.

Hi Lovelies! 

So here is my current physique update.



So I did the InBody Body Test results, which I normally do every year and it came out perfectly well as I imagined it to be and the staff was shocked because my muscles were beyond superb on the scale haha!.. I was called Small but Mighty haha!😂

Here are some of the results that were being stated in the document :- 

Weight :- 65kg 

Skeletal Muscles :- 40kg 

Fat in kg  :- 10 approx. 9% - 10%

Protein in kg :- 11.2

Body water :- 10.3 

I cant wait for Summer baby! 
I'd make sure to give more workout video tips to you all because I love helping others!

Don't forget to check out the new video I uploaded yesterday on my YouTube channel. 
Comment want videos you all want me to film!


Monday, 1 May 2017

Ever Felt Like This?

Happy Mood To Hit The Gym.

Reluctant Mood To Hit The Gym?!

Hi Lovelies!

Have you ever felt so hyper and energised to hit the gym, and then some days, all of a sudden you loose that desire of going.

Don't worry it's very common thing amongst we athletes.

 Sometimes, I do get knocked down by anxiety but after I get rid of that thoughts.

How Do You Get Over Such Moods?

One of the things that has helped me a lot is, by trying to relax and mediate. 
Watch and listen to inspirational talk shows, like Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, lots of celeb genuine athletes that started from the scratch and now living the expected life of their dreams.

Off from all my social media platforms for 24 hours. 

Listen to old school 90s hiphop music, because there's this special flow of energy I get in Me, when I listen to 90s music. 

Look at my progress through scrolling through what I've accomplished so far.

Sleep, take at least two naps that day.

Take a cool Bath, do some Facials, Eat and drink lots of Water.

Watch a comedy movie, before saying my night prayers and then sleep off.

The next day after doing all this, I feel completely renewed and ready to take on the next challenge.

You'd give this a try, it totally helps a lot!

I hope it helps you all.