Friday, 7 April 2017

Back On my feet again.

So lovelies, if you read my last post you'd understand the meaning of this post update Title.

Yesterday, I decided not to allow anyone steal again my good vibes.... I promised myself this would be the last time that someone would take away my smile and I won't allow any dude mess with my emotions.

Growing up I was the emotionless kid, but after puberty that changed up.
But now, I'll go back to the old emotions whereby, I'd give no fucks about emotions, although I'll be nice to those who're nice to me. ❤️

P.S Yesterday, I had an examination which I did my very best for 5 hours, then went home to take a lovely nap. 
Afterwards, I went to workout with my brother for a 2hours upper body workout session. 
It was amazing to be in another environment, like I always say, the gym is my spiritual temple to feel peaceful. 
Hope you all find a spiritual temple you find peaceful.

Happy Friday Lovelies!😘


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