Friday, 28 April 2017

The New GymShark Seamless Leggings.

Hi Lovelies! 
Sorry for the late update, I've been asked a lot about the New GymShark Seamless leggings that was released 2 days ago and it got sold out within 5 minutes. 

This seamless leggings is my all time favourite of the GymShark leggings collection!

It's true to length, not too long like the others, I'm 163cm tall and it suits perfectly to my length without any folding.

It's super stretchy, My size in the leggings is an Small.  
The high waist is something to die for!... Gives you to hourly glass form + the peachy ass! 

It's super comfy and very light it feels like I've nothing on when I wear it. 

You need to get a piece of this leggings so you'd experience this feeling.

For those of you who missed out on the legging's sale, don't worry a restock sale is coming very soon, so don't you worry! 
I'm going to keep you all informed about the restock. 

Have a loving evening Lovelies! 


Friday, 21 April 2017

Love your body more!

Don't get body shamed, love your body more!

Hi Lovelies! 

So, this pasted week I've had so much to do, stressful.

But I decided to take a deep rest from working out twice daily, and trust me, it helped a lot. 

I feel more energised, happy and given my body more love to it. 

And trust me, it's not a shameful thing to show extra love and attention to your body because you're worth it and it's your DAMN body.

Being on the public eye on Social media since I was 13years, made me most time feel insecure of myself when trying to compare myself to top celebs, but you know what?! 

FUCK all that crap now!
I won't allow others perfect fabricated social media life affect or change my mindset towards life!

Because there are more important things to think and enjoy this life because we only live but once on this planet. 


Let your presence intimidate others and not you following people by their shadows! 

Happy Friday Loves! 


Sunday, 9 April 2017

What You All Have Been Waiting For, Is Finally Here!

Hi Lovelies!
The video you all wanted is Now LIVE on my YouTube Channel! ❤️

Go and Watch it‼️

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Back On my feet again.

So lovelies, if you read my last post you'd understand the meaning of this post update Title.

Yesterday, I decided not to allow anyone steal again my good vibes.... I promised myself this would be the last time that someone would take away my smile and I won't allow any dude mess with my emotions.

Growing up I was the emotionless kid, but after puberty that changed up.
But now, I'll go back to the old emotions whereby, I'd give no fucks about emotions, although I'll be nice to those who're nice to me. ❤️

P.S Yesterday, I had an examination which I did my very best for 5 hours, then went home to take a lovely nap. 
Afterwards, I went to workout with my brother for a 2hours upper body workout session. 
It was amazing to be in another environment, like I always say, the gym is my spiritual temple to feel peaceful. 
Hope you all find a spiritual temple you find peaceful.

Happy Friday Lovelies!😘