Friday, 17 March 2017

This makes me happy!

Happy Friday Lovelies! ❤️
Hope you all are having a relaxing moment, because we all need it in as much we're up and tight with lots of daily activities.

Today, after studies I had a business appointment which I'll soon announce on my blog.   
Meanwhile, after my meeting, I went for some little shopping that wasn't little towards my wallet haha!
I bought my fitness supplements (Protein Powder, EAA ; Essential Amino Acids) that cost me roughly  1500kr but they're definitely worth it.
Then I bought some of my basic makeup, Foundation 550kr , Primer 149kr and Concealer 185kr. 

Then I came home, eat my dinner and did some self photoshoot which I'll soon post on the blog this evening or soonest by tomorrow's morning. 

Have a lovely evening and spend it with the ones you truly love! 


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