Sunday, 19 March 2017

Pride Comes Before A Fall.

Hi Lovelies! 
So I'm sitting on the train on my way home from the Northern part of Sweden, Norrköping. 
I went to visit a dear friend yesterday, for just a short visit and now heading home and the training is been delayed for almost 2 hours, lucky to have booked a 1st Class then I get to relax and stretch my legs without feeling exhausted. 

And now I decided to update the blog with some words of wisdom for you guys to carry along into this coming new week. 

As women we should embrace ourselves together and uplift one another in any  means we                  can and not demoralising oneself with hatred or jealousy! ❌ 
Love towards each other's success brings forth a fruitful economy! 💯 So even though you're a social media platform guru or celebrity don't allow that to fool you with unnecessary pride and ego and neglect people who were there for you or even helping others become something! ✔️ 

Remember there was a time whereby NO one knew you were and so can that celebrity status disappear and you become a once C-Listed celeb! Because pride didn't allow you to look deeper and build a solid foundation. Pride comes before a fall!❌ 

  Be HUMBLED and stay FOCUSED!💯🔥 Happy Sunday lovelies!😘❤


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