Monday, 27 February 2017

This Is How It Looks!

Hi Lovelies! 
A few days ago on my Instagram I posted this picture of me above being bloated and not.
YES! It's normal to feel bloated! Everyday isn't perfect, I've seen many ladies being ashamed of being bloated and try to use a waist-trainer to cover up. ❌ 
The truth is, we athletes also go through the same phase of being bloated, it's a normal thing just like having monthly periods!✅
For me, when I get bloated it comes with pains and laziness but that doesn't stop me from working out 🏋🏾 because it's the best way from keeping you away from anxiety and I also try to take a enough natural fluids and get as much of enough sleeps in order to renew my energy and I increase my intake level of extra vitamins!💯 
I hope this helps you all out, and don't be ashamed of being bloated! 😘


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