Thursday, 12 January 2017

How To Achieve A Flatter Stomach!

(Fresh veggies + Tuna Fish) =182 calories.

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening where ever you Lovelies are located at! 
So I've been frequently asked on what kind of healthy snacks and foods to eat, when trying to be Fit. 

Here's the truth, if you're striving for a flat tummy and healthier eating habits, you have to switch your eating plan to CLEAN DIET Plan NOT just diet.

What do I mean by CLEAN DIET?

I mean you've to CUT OFF from  Junk Food
Eating junk foods such as Fast Food meals doesn't help satisfy your hunger taste but rather boosts up the unwanted microorganisms causing blockage of the proper digestion of the food chain.

 As food moves through the digestive tract to the stomach, the gastric juices that are made up of hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen, are then secreted by the parietal and chief glands in the stomach’s lining. 
The job of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is to dissolve the food, kill unwanted and sometimes harmful microorganisms, and convert the pepsinogen into the stomach enzyme called pepsin.
 This is important to remember as hydrochloric acid is the culprit for acid reflux.               Pepsin is a proteolytic (protein-breaking) enzyme, and it’s job is to help unwind and breakdown molecules of protein into smaller subcomponents.
The majority of proteins are big molecules made up of units called amino acids. Oftentimes amino acids are referred to as the “building blocks of life.” Pepsin depends on the acidic environment of the stomach, which is why it has to do the majority of it’s work there.

In other words,  the food chains your body needs in order to attain body balance and digestion is,
food that are highly enriched with nutrients such vitamins and amino acids!
For instance vegetables are highly with most of the vitamins our body needs daily and while as, proteins can be gained from Eggs, Almonds, Oats, Milk, Broccoli, Chicken Breast and cottage cheese! 

All this listed above, are always in my daily meal, I never miss them at all because I know their worth in my healthy and fitness. 
The best part of this is, you become full while eating this and also light weight at the same time and loaded with vitamins, essential amino acids and proteins. 

Healthy Snacks?

My healthy snacks varies, but are gaged in a circle of healthy varieties of choice,
Such as :- 

* Peanuts
 *Rice cake biscuit 100% rice
* Bananas
* Tuna Fish 
* Baked Beans
*Protein pudding

I hope this helps you! 


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