Thursday, 1 December 2016

How Can I Easily Burn Fat?

What Kind Of Fats Do We Need In Our Body?

So Lovelies, when it comes to fat and what to eat, some people read it into a wrong meaning.

Regardless of wanting to burn fat, keep in mind that our body also needs fat but at a certain percent/level.

Our fatty acids needs some fat chained foods in order to up some tissues and muscles. 

How Can I Burn Fat Easily? 

In order to easily burn Fat, you need to curtail what kind of meals you intake to your stomach. Meals such as; 
❌Fast-Food meals like Doubled-Burgers, French-Fries, Unhealthy Snacks or Sodas!🚫

- The fat our body needs are from foods such as Meat, Chicken, Soups, Clean Carbs (Rice, Potatoes), home-made meals, Grains. 

Eating clean really REALLY helps a lot in reducing  extra body fat cells.

Are Fat Burning Supplements Good? If Yes, what kind?

- Fat burning supplements such as Slimming Teas are a total WASTE of your money!! ...

Except for Organic Green Tea, which actually helps with the digestion/cleansing of the stomach. 

What Are The Good Fat Burning Supplements.

- Fat burning pills that contain high caffeine and green extracts are actually good but should be organic, have/contain some vitamins and NO chemical extracts added to it!❌ 

I specifically use this Fat Burning pills, when cutting/shredding, BUT  I recommend that you consult a DOCTOR before using any of these, to see if it's good for you based on your health level. 

- Drinking WATER helps a lot in flossing out unwanted substances in the body.

So drink water a lot as possible as you can on daily basis!

- EXERCISES/ WORKOUTS is the final key to shredding those unwanted fat cell in the body.

Our body needs movement in order burn calories / fat and you need to sweat it out. 

Take a walk if you're less busy.

Go to the GYM or even workout at HOME.

The only problem with working out at home is, you take excuses on not to do a workout by watching a movie or sleeping.
But at the gym you get motivated by seeing others working out, which is a good thing!!

- If possible find an Inspirational Fitness Idol, whom you idolise! 

 My Fitness idols are Steve Cook, Dickerson Ross, and Ashley Nocera, they are all on instagram and have YouTube channels, just like Me! 

 Here is My Instagram and My YouTube.

DON'T Forget To Take Your Amino Acids 

They help a lot in replenishing sore/injured muscles cells! 

I use both EAA and BCAA amino acids! 

I hope this helps you a lot in stepping up your Fitness Life! 👊🏾

Don't hesitate to send me your questions or comment below! I'll gladly love to help you guys! 

XOxo! 💕

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