Thursday, 14 July 2016

Shopping Day!

Hey Guys! 
Today, I went shopping for some shopping and decided to give a glimpse of my shopping day. 

Hope you all enjoy it! Don't for to SUBSCRIBE to My YouTube Channel. 


Wednesday, 13 July 2016


YaAY! Guys! 

I'm back again at Vlogging too! 
Today, I decided to share with you all day with Me!..How simple my life is! 
It took me roughly 2 hours to edit and to upload with restrictions of copyright soundtrack at the background took 3hours to fix! 
But I was determined to fullfil my promise to guys which I stated in the last blog post! 

Hope you enjoy the video! 
Love you all loads! 


Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Hey Guys! 
I've a great surprise for you all! It's going to be on my next blog post in about 1 hour's time so stay tuned! 
It's a surprise!

Friday, 8 July 2016

A Girl's Favourite!

                                                             Brilliant Copper Bronzer.


                                                    Nude Eyeshadow Palette

                                         Purple Matte Eyeshadow

                                                      Purple Matte Eyeshadow

                                                        Navy Green Eyeshadow

                                                       Brown Golden Eyeshadow.

                                                 Bronzed Purple Eyeshadow

So sorry guys for not updating the blog! 
I've been through a lot which I'm going to get into with details in a couple of days. I feel sad that I left you guys in the dark, even some companies, but I reassure you all I'm back for good.

So yesterday, I was at home all day braiding my hair, I switched up to a new different hair color which I've never summoned to do. haha! My next blog post will be about it in details! 

Let's talk about the Make-Up pictures. A day before yesterday, after having an appointment with my doctor, I decided to stroll into my city's Shopping-Mall, and I went to H & M because it's been a while I bought things there. 

So I've been hearing about their Make-Up, for I don't use drugstore makeup haha! My makeup brands ranges from Chanel to LancĂ´me. But was impress with the colours H&M  had, which were really pigmented, and quite cheap. I bought some few stuff from them.  

I was shocked to find a Bodymist for only a 10bucks guys! It's scent is  so summerly!

Have a lovely weekend guys!