Friday, 12 June 2015


                                             A lil view of my city (the business-district of my city).    

                         SHE IS BACK FOR GOOD!

I feel so ready and energised for the summer break. I really really miss blogging but glad to be active again and most glad to done with school work, and can finally rest by calming and chilling the brain with this lovely weather.

This was my outfit I had on Me, this past Tuesday. All black outfit mood..Since this month, I've been in the 1990s fashion spirit lol, with the flerred Pants hehe!
The pics by was shoot at my city highest mountain, the takes about 10-15mins to take a fast walk up there, but faster with a car. You get the most beautiful view from both west to east to north  & south.

                                                  Outfit :-

Black Flerred Lace Pants by  H&M for Coachella .

Black Top by Vera Moda.

Black Hat by Glitter.

Black Sweater Jacket with Leather arms by Kappahl.


                                        Eva Banks!❤️

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