Tuesday, 16 June 2015


It all started when I was 7years old, my mum bought Me a 3inch heeled shoe as my Christmas, with some lovely dresses. She saw my interest and desire in fashion brands, when constantly starring/looking at a well dressed classy ladies & celebrities, and I always told her, I was going to be a model. 
In my early teenage stage of puberty, my love for fashion grew more than people could imagine, that I started designing and sewing clothes perfectly well. Without entering the 4 corners of the fashion school I could sew a Winter Fur Coat /Jacket, and at my primary school my textile teacher was amaze at my talent, that she only allowed me to make use of some quality and expensive material to sew, and trust me, I was faster than anyone in the entire to sew, e.g cut and sew a  jacket at that took me max 4 hours. My mother said, she remembered when I was little, I would secretly snick into her room were she stored her manual Singer sewing machine and pretend that I was sewing a dress, when she noticed it she'd laugh, and she knew that my great interest in fashion, will take Me places.

How my blog came into existence was, Me scrolling through Vogue magazine website in search of new season collection from top designers, and I'd blog about them. At a time I got some response from friends who also read my blog and wanted me to blog also about my design and also my everyday fashion look to inspire my readers. I started blogging more about my style and also blogged about other top designer that I got my inspiration from. e.g Victoria Beckham 2014/15 Fall Collection. Anna Wintour,  I see her has my role-model, when it comes to consistency of classiness, which I try in my everyday look, and same with Victoria Beckham (my fashion goddess), and got amazing feedbacks from my readers about loving my style, on how I make easy to wear classy, with a calming tone of colours.
Now, I can't believe it my blog clocks 3 years old soon, and looking at when I started to now (this present time), I'm not only impressed but extremely amazed that this little girl from Göteborg,Sweden, her blog will succeed this way with amazing readers from all parts of the continent(America, Europe and Asia) never having in my nearest dreams that this blog would be read by someone out of my country. I feel honoured that my dreams are finally coming through, even though I'm still not there (being a well known fashion designer), I known my blog will make waves for Me. 

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