Sunday, 8 March 2015


                          Off  To School.

I wanted to give guys this tips, because it's really worked and helped me a lot!
I use waist-trainer regular basis, to school, work, gym, everywhere & at home.
I started waist-training with a real Rope-Tie Corset and then moved on to the Latex Waist-Corset by AnnCherry.

In order to get rapid results :-

1.  Eat 3-square meal with moderate portions #NoMountains

2. Go to Gym, and train regularly.

3. Drink lots of water as possible = 5L per/day.

4. Sleep less than 7 hours.

5. Eat lots and lots of fruits.

6. Have a cheat day to eat some portions unhealthy snack.

7.  Substitute Soda for Ice-Tea

8. Drink 100% fruit juice without extra sugar.

9. Eat lots of sallad as possible without sallad-dressing creams.

10. Don't stress yourself. 

A Vlogg of my waist-trainer

AnnCherry corset  185 US dollars

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