Thursday, 26 March 2015


It's been a while of blogging but thank you lovely followers and blog readers for keeping on checking the blog for an update.
 I've been really down with Pneumonia, I'm still in recovery, hope to get full recovery by next week.

Here are some pic I took while in school 2days ago. I wore an all black outfit and completing the outfit with a hat, I had for 3years and never wore it for once hahaha! I found in one my travelling boxes in my packing-store. LOL!

Okay, let Me end here, hehe!  I need to study, got lots of exam to accomplish next week. Wish Me good luck?!

Have a cozy evening like I'm gonna have later on.

                                               OUTFIT :-

                                  * Jacket by  MÄSSAY.

                                 * Mini-flerred Skirt by H & M.

                                 * Hat by GLITTER.

                                 * Net-Top made/designed by Me.


                                                                 Eva Banks.

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