Sunday, 8 February 2015


Happy Sunday Guys!

I hope you all enjoyed this great weekend. I did, even though I worked. Today, I woke up 12:30PM which I've never done on a Sunday, though I woke up two times to pee hahaha!!

Love my outfit in the pics above? .. Yeah, that was my outfit this past Friday to School.  I did a wardrobe make over  3weeks ago and gosh I never knew how much I've stuffed my money on = resulting to hund. of clothes, Lol.. that made Me get emotional (cry). It took Me 5 days to pack them up, to give out and sell them. I had many of them, that hasn't been worn, with price-tag on! ''Life Of A Shopaholic'. 
Good news, my eye allergy/infection is getting healed on daily basis, in the pics above you'd see my face was swollen. Yeah, it was that serious, specially with my left eye's sight, but by the Love and Grace of God, it corrected, and I'm healed by God.

Right now, I'm in love with 'Over-knee high heel boots', and Poncho!... Just classy, bold and chic

                                                  OUTFIT :-

   * Over-knee high heel boots by Justfab whose Fashion-Consultant selected for Me in my monthly       vip wardrobe. I became a VIP customer last year after how years (3), So happy!

   *  Winter Neck-tie by H&M.

   *   Black flerred-skirt by H&M

   *   Black long-sleeve by  H&M Basic.

   *   Black Poncho by NELLY.

   *   Orange Jacket by H&M.

   *   Winter-cap by Kapahl

   *   Winter hand-gloves by Vera-Moda.

                                       Goodnight! .. Have a great week coming ahead!


                                                               Chioma Banks!

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