Tuesday, 6 January 2015


                                     Front Side of the leather pants.

Back side of the leather pants. 

Hey Guys, so today, officially marks the last day of this Christmas Break. I'm starting school tomorrow. 
Here are a few things I bought during the break, new additions to my 2015 collections. Still waiting for more, I ordered 3 shoes this pasted weekend and they'll be arriving here hopefully tomorrow or next by DHL.

Details :-

Leather Pants by H&M 75kr (was on a discount sale 70%)

Bodycon Tight Dress by H&M  149kr

White Top by H&M  99kr

Army Green Jacket  500kr

Panties 50kr

Chanel Lipstick Christmas gift from my brother price 650kr

Estee Lauder Lipstick  gift from lovely brother  400kr

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 100ml gift from lovely brother 1250kr 

Lip-Liner pencils by LUMENE Finland  50kr each = 100kr

Isadora Mascara  50kr

Mega Volume Lashes Mascara by MaxFactor  149kr

H&M eyebrow kit powder  49kr

H&M 2-in-1 smokey eye brush  49kr

Knee Boots from Nilssons shoes bought 950kr at 50% discount sale.

Having a lovely night you all.! 



Eva Banks.

Monday, 5 January 2015


Me at a thrift shop. The jacket was damn expensive to buy from a thrift shop 2500kr. 

Hey Guys! First Monday of the year 2015 right, and we're setting down our plans for the week and upcoming weeks!.. Just like Me, I'm resuming lectures on Wednesday with the first morning greetings of Mathematics LOL!!

My day so far, has been just about memories from last year's december and food lol 😂 I slept for about 10 hours today, then went out with bf for some shopping which we couldn't accomplish all on the To-Do-List, because he's been down with cold which got from Me who is now sound and healthy haha! Then we went home to get some special cozy / cuddling time....No further details! hahaha!!!

First pic was my breakfast, and I had Kebab-Tallrik (Kebab with French Fries) for my lunch while my Bae eat Sushi ( I want that today because I eat rice yesterday, nigerian cooked style)...
This week is my cheat week for junk food, from next week damn!.. back to training and eating healthy schedule.
So, my other half and his dad always run Km, once a week, which I often escape when he comes to visit my boyfriend. He's dad is a training freak, at his age the muscles he has gosh we all tell that. He's my gym-idol LOL!! ...So, this year, I decided to join them running, and also training hard as always at the gym, with my bestie, who's not yet back into country, still enjoying Christmas HOLLS!

Let Me end here guys and enjoy my 3 bite of KitKat mini.


                                                            Eva Banks!

Saturday, 3 January 2015



Happy Weekends Guys!.... The First Weekend Of 2015!

Yesterday, Me and my elder brother took a Power-Walk from his house to the city shopping centre, which about 10mins with the tram, but took us 11,25km walking there (Back & Forth ). It was fun, even though it was a bit chilly outside. 
When we got the shopping mall, we decided to branch into the Café, to get us warm with Chai -Latte. Then we headed, back home continuing our journey. 

The scariest part of the walk, was when walking on one of the longest & oldest bridges in my city, that opens up for ships to pass through. It was very windy, that I thought I was going to fall off into the ocean haha!!!

I'm so happy to be doing this with my brother! A great year of walk-outs :)

Have a Lovely Weekend you all!!


Eva Banks!

Friday, 2 January 2015


It's Friday Guys!!!.... Day 2 of 2014's 365 days.

This Pics of Me, was taken some days ago or rather last year Lol! ...I just couldn't let go of my laptop when I was preparing to head out to meet my boyfriend. You know I've always love the camera, from birth haha! 

My outfit consists of :- 

A Black inner Camisole form H&M,

Black Biker jeans with details on it from Gina-Tricot,

A Woven/ knitted Sweater in Brown colour mixed with White.

Thursday, 1 January 2015



WoOw!.. WOooow!! .. We made it into this wonderful year 2015.
I'm really grateful to God, for keeping Me and my family alive.

So, the photos above were taken on NYE before heading out. I first went to Church and then went partying with my brother and our friends. It was really fun! We partyed till the day broke, and I headed home about 11:00AM with pains on my foot, due to having them on for 10 hours and they're extremely high ( 7inches high).
When I got home, I straightly jump into my bed to sleep, then woke up about 4hrs later to eat and hang out with the family, and then went back to bed hahaha!

Hope you guys had a blast like I did?!

Here's my New Year's ''Word For Thought'' :-

    ’’May This Year Enrich Us, That Our Haters/Enemies Will Get Jealous More And Die.’’

         Love & Kisses to you all.

Comment below on your New Year's ''Word For Thought''.


Eva Banks!