Monday, 8 December 2014


Another Monday has just passed by, it's been good so far with good news!

I went to my place of work, where I work part-time (at McDonalds to be precise), I was being told I was the best worker of the month!!!...Doesn't that sound amazing guys?! I'll be getting my presents on Saturday when I'm working. In 2weeks time my Dad would be getting married after years! Good for him!

This pasted weekend I was terribly down with ear-drum infections but it's getting better rapidly with medical medications.

The pics above was a taken last Wednesday, after coming back from my last lecture of the day at about 17:15. Getting home to my boyfriend, I branched into a super-market to buy some ingredients needed for Tacos, and when I got home, we started preparing the meal, team-work as always, we're fast in preparing under 30mins. The Dress was sent by Nelly as birthday gift to Me. ;)

Today we've just being eating junk-food Lol!.. From MAX Fast-Food - to McDonalds, that landed Me, in the toilet for nothing less than 20mins in pains hahahaha!...and then went to the cinema to watch ''Horrible Bosses 2'' Okay gotta stop here Lovelies! :D

                                                    Goodnight Lovelies!

                                                      Eva Banks.

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