Saturday, 6 December 2014


Last Month Of The  Year 2014. 

This year has it's ups & down but greatful to God for everything. I've met amazing people to keep for a life time and some just kicked their butt away from my life because they mean really nothing to Me, so why keep them lol...No Body Got Time For That!!! 

Right now, I'm just cuddling under my winter blanket some warm/cozy, and I'm blogging Though, before I sleep I need to study. I got exam on Mathematics and Economics that awaits Me next week, and next my bestie is travelling for the Christmas holls with her family, so I'm gonna have so cool time with her at the gym, (we've a Yoga group class to attend, can't wait to go relax my body and brain).

Hope you guys are getting your Christmas shopping  done...I've not started waiting until next week which is gonna be CRAaaaaZzy! ...5 hours and I won't be done shopping, that's why I love shopping myself so not to stress others who can't endure those hours Lol!
I hope for better good things next year!...  Next summer maybe going to Spain with my boyfriend's family (immediate & cousins) in a big full house along the beach..sounds amazing already but this time I'm gonna carry along lots of sun-protecting creams because this pasted summer I was extremely sun tanned hahaha!!!

White Rap-On :- Ã…hlens 499kr
Black Dress :- Designed & Made  By Me 
Greenish-Grey Boots :- Skopunkten 399kr
Fendi Bag bought in Italy :- €300 (which was on a 50% discount).
Lipstick :- Mac Lip-pencil 'Beet'

Got to study now dearies! Goodnight & Sweet Dreams!

Eva Banks!

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