Monday, 10 November 2014


Happy Monday Lovelies!!

Back From VAaaCay!!

Hi Guys!!  Missed Me?! ...Yes of course! LOL!
I saw your lovely messages, Thanks!.. I'm alright, just needed to take this break, because I had some things to be taken care of, but glad is all over! 
While on chilling on this cool vacaay, I took photos of every moment and for those follow Me on 'Snapchat' know what I'm talking about = funny & amazing experiences! (My Snapchat :- chi_eva ).

Okay so 'About A Week Ago'.... haha Last week two lovely things happened to Me, = My brother added 1year onto his life and then went out on Romantic date with mister at the most expensive restaurant in the city I live in (Gothenburg City =  Göteborg ), called ''HEAVEN23- GOTHIA TOWERS''.... We booked to sit beside the window, I loved the of my city from the 23rd floor of the hotel where the restaurant is being located at. 

My outfit was so sophisticated, in all black assemble, except for my shoe from 'FRIIS AND COMPANY', but the rest will be kept as a was jus a special day I'd say.

Wish you all a great week ahead!

 Eva Banks!

 Brother's Pre-Birthday  Dinner.

MakeUp By Me ahead for the Romantic Dinner Date.

 Without MakeUp.

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