Sunday, 30 November 2014


Happy First Advent guys!
So greatful to God for all this months that's pass by this year and starting the last month tomorrow, is a total Blessing 12 of 2014 and still alive to give him praise!

I want to share this pics which were taken last sunday, on my way to Church, and a Christmas drama was held later on that evening ( 1hr church service ended) which I did take some video coverage of for my Snapchat followers and blog followers. Today, I couldn't attend church because I was working today.

I hope you all have written down or started to make adjustments for your new upcoming year, everyone deserve new start in life, so don't miss this new opportunity coming up next year! 

Goodnight guys, I need to study and get Me prepared in order for tomorrow. 

Happy New Month In Advance!
Eva Banks

Friday, 28 November 2014


It's Friday!...Friday!!!

Hey Lovelies!... I'm so happy that it's Friday, even though I'm going to work today after school by 16:00.
Right Now, I'm just chilling in class, having Law lecture, but I'm done. Thats why I've time to blog.
So, this pics of Me, was taken yesterday at the gym. I was a gym fan last last but went on break hahaha!! ...But I started training intensively 3 weeks ago, to get Me ready ahead for 2015 summer, and trust Me this 3 weeks I've gotten a huge result within this 3weeks. If you work hard at the gym without cheating LOL!! You'll get at the Top sailing. 
I can't wait for the coming months results ahead. 

It's funny, that the gym place I particularly go to, I'm being known there lol, that ladies feel intimidated by my workout regimes, but all I say is ''You can build yourself there, I was once there but Instagram gym workout profiles really motivated Me''. 

Wish You Guys, A Lovely Weekend And Be Safe! 


Eva Banks!