Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hej dearies!

I'm missed you guys so much, I've been busy with school, work and everything that's surrounds my life, but I'm glad to back now.
 Back with new gadjets :- New phone and New computer all Apple product, which makes me a member of the Apple-House after ages...Lol! :D 
 I'm happy at least my blogging techs are upgraded (better/sharp bright pictures taken and uploading). As you can see, the difference in the picture's quality, were I used my old phone (Samsung) and the new phone (Iphone).

    So, 2weeks ago,I got an invitation of VIP-shopping at H&M, where very selected members, come to shop at certain time when the shop is only opened for you to shop and name must be on the check list before you're allowed in. While shopping you get 30% discount on all outfits, and if you bring old clothes that you aren't in use of, you bring it along and you'll receive a voucher in return.
I bought some few outfits I got attracted that I couldn't by pass it by without owning them...haha! 
The High-Waist jeans and the Brown leather jacket I'm in-love with.


Jeans, White Tank-top, white shirt and brown jacket, all bought from H&M.
Shoes:- Black wedge high-heel by Gina Tricot. Brown winter boots from  'Skopunkten'(swedish).
Bag :- Michael Kors. 

  First monday in school, with new friends / course-mates <3 I had 2 hours and 30minutes break. So, I spend the hours, well I spent half at Espresso and other at a Sushi bar.

Have lovely beginning of the weekend #FRIDAY


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