Sunday, 7 September 2014


Happy Sunday Guys!
Does it bother you guys on how this year has ran so fast!..I can't believe it we have 3months left in 2014...Gosh!!

Remember I talked about sharing how I spent my Saturday, and of course I always fullfil my promise.....Here it is!

Yesterday I literally spent my day with my boyfriend just in town, sitting beside the sea and then later went to take some frozen yoghurt at a known well restaurant 'Yoghurt Bar' and later we headed to the shopping-mall when they were about to close lol... because I needed to buy few Beauty Products (Eyeliner & Mascara).
After that we went to Thai-restaurant for dinner and then headed home.
 Before all this happened, I had a hard time on decision making on my outfit lol!..that I had to share on Snapchat to get tips/help from friends hehe!!

Me, having a hard decision on which outfit to wear out, because they look good! ;)

At The Yoghurt -Bar Restaurant.

Mixture Of 3 differrent flavours of yoghurt :- 'Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla'
Fruits :- Strawberries,Blueberries, Raspberries, dried banana flakes.
few Candies and Nutuella top-dressing.
Price :- 91.00Sek

So delicious!..I'm good in mixtures Lol!!!

No Filters/ Editing of pictures....Pics taken from my Iphone, and all the credits of the picture taking, goes to my lovely boyfriend #BestPhotographer. Thanks!

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