Friday, 1 August 2014


Happy Weekend Lovelies! <3

Hope you guys are doing just great, like Me, except for my boyfriend who's been sick the whole day (vomitting & having stomach aches), apart from that my day as been awesome!!

Today, I was with my boyfriend at his apartment in the morning, tried to watch a movie but due to his illness we couldn't, instead we just sat listening to music and chatting about life. Then later, we went to a Greek restuarant close to his house and we ate Greekish pasta with Salmon Fish...I couldn't finish mine Lol :P?! After that, we went back to his apartment to wait on his father whom was going to drive us to my bf's elder sister's house, who invited us for dinner and their entire family...when I say entire, I mean her family, dad, Me & my bf, and his brother who came all the way from Stockholm with his girlfriend there. 

It was a great dinner, with tasty/delicious food served (grilled chicken and beef), raspberry & rabarber-Pie. Played with their lovely kids, so adorable! <3 .....and talked about cool/funny things circulating around the world #SocialMediaApps ..later on, his dad drove my bf to his mum's house, he wanted to spend the night over there, then his cool dad drove me home....  What a Loving Family they are! <3

So, yeah..I don't longer have extremely long braids :P I'm back into weave extensions :D Haha!!.. .. I bought Me a Brazillian 100% human hair extensions from a website called very trust worthy!..At first, when I was being introduced to the website, I was damn scared about my bank account details #Money, but trust they're safe. I ordered this hair on  friday 25th of July,  around 11:30 in the morning and got my hair on Tuesday 29th of July morning by 11:00AM through DHL (free postage) and they came knocking at my door #HomeDelievery isn't that AMaaZzzing! That's why I want to share with you guys about the website, I love helping people out about knowing stuff like this, and that's how I get help too. 
I've installed the hair and I'm really loving it!!!

My Breakfast This Morning :-

Breakfast on bed!..trying to eat more healthy.

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I also got a gift (wooden comb) from the sellers of the weave extensions.
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 Yes..MakeUp free! <3

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