Sunday, 10 August 2014


Happy Sunday lovelies!

Hope you all are doing just great?! ...Right now, I'm just laying on my bed, feeling extremely exhausted, don't know why lol!!
Mean while, my yesterday, was amazing!!!....spent it with my boyfriend. The weather seemed so bright/clear while sunny, but I checked the weather forecast and it showed that it was going to rain, so I decided to wear this outfit that really described the day and my feeling. 

We had a movie date, we went to the cinemas to watch this movie :- ''Bad Neighbors''.....The movie is damn crazy & funny lol! :D we wanted to do a movie date marathon by watching more than 1 movie yesterday, but then after the first movie, we saw it was raining heavily and we were hungry, so we decided to continue our date at home, at his house, with a Tacos Dinner Date haha and we did team work as always by going to shop together and preparing the food together. 

On our way back home from the cinemas & shopping we decided to take pictures while walking and cracking jokes, it was so funny, my boyfriend tried to imitate how some girls behave to get attention lol!!...I couldn't stop laughing :D  I really enjoyed my day with him.....Everyday  being with him is a blessing that completes Me. Wouldn't before believe I could find love in someone and the person finding love in Me!..Amazing!!!
So, I wore a jeans shorts I had since I was 10 and perfectly fits without stress lol from Mudd, bought in California, and a NYC -Top bought from a Swedish store called Ullared, while the Sweater Jacket was given to Me as a gift last year on my birthday, bought from Kapphal and  Winter-Boots I bought never wore, from Dinsko (a Swedish store).

So, today I'd be attending church in 4hours, there I'm gonna meet my boyfriend and brother whom I haven't seen in days due to his job schedule, I miss him.
This coming week marks my last 2014 summer break until next year :'( I'm starting school next week, same with my boyfriend who's gonna start University, I'm happy for him :* 

I wish You Guys A Great Week Coming Ahead!!

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Happy middle of the week guys!

This week, I'd say is a great, fresh week! Today, I went to work, which turned out so stressful my legs hurt like crazy, and poor Me, I have no one right now here, to give Me a cool massage, so I've to endure the pain and take some pain reliever tablettes! Hehe!! :P 

You remember guys, I talked about getting back into my diet!..Yeah, this time more extremely strict healthy diet. Before I had diets, that at the close of the week I eat double, but that won't happen again.
I'm going into a more nutricious diet = SMOOTHIE DIET. Before during school days, I skip my breakfast to eat 1-2 times a day and I got very used to it, never knew it was such a bad diet. 

So, I went into this Swedish store ''Clas Ohlson, where they selling all sorts of appliances. when I got in there to buy Me a new headphones, I saw this Smoothie machine and my eyes couldn't go off it, but did buy it that day, so I told boyfriend about it, and he seemed interested and I helped him buy 1 one Sunday, in blue colour, and then yesterday, I bought myself a pink one, because I didn't want to start looking for bottle lol with bf :D I had alot while growing up with my brother and trust me you can't win such battle haha!

Anyways..Lol! ...Me and my bf, decided to eat more healthy, and say no to sodas' and Mc food ( because I work there).
 Today, I used my smoothie machine by making my first smoothie, with such amazing apitizing fruits :- #Smoothie = #Banana#WaterMelon#BlueBerries#Raspberries#Apple#Plommon & #Cherries  #EcologicalFruits ... I'm in-love with the smoothie blender, so easy-to-use without complications and very mobile., the size of the bottle I do like, it fits perfectly into my daily handbag and it's light weighted.

The berries, I did plock from a family friend big garden full of fruits! :) .... and WAAaaRaa! ...My smoothie came out perfect and so sweet, even when I used a skinned milk without sugar.

Here are pics of how it went (process) lovelies!

Have A Nice Day You All !!!

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Friday, 1 August 2014


Happy Weekend Lovelies! <3

Hope you guys are doing just great, like Me, except for my boyfriend who's been sick the whole day (vomitting & having stomach aches), apart from that my day as been awesome!!

Today, I was with my boyfriend at his apartment in the morning, tried to watch a movie but due to his illness we couldn't, instead we just sat listening to music and chatting about life. Then later, we went to a Greek restuarant close to his house and we ate Greekish pasta with Salmon Fish...I couldn't finish mine Lol :P?! After that, we went back to his apartment to wait on his father whom was going to drive us to my bf's elder sister's house, who invited us for dinner and their entire family...when I say entire, I mean her family, dad, Me & my bf, and his brother who came all the way from Stockholm with his girlfriend there. 

It was a great dinner, with tasty/delicious food served (grilled chicken and beef), raspberry & rabarber-Pie. Played with their lovely kids, so adorable! <3 .....and talked about cool/funny things circulating around the world #SocialMediaApps ..later on, his dad drove my bf to his mum's house, he wanted to spend the night over there, then his cool dad drove me home....  What a Loving Family they are! <3

So, yeah..I don't longer have extremely long braids :P I'm back into weave extensions :D Haha!!.. .. I bought Me a Brazillian 100% human hair extensions from a website called very trust worthy!..At first, when I was being introduced to the website, I was damn scared about my bank account details #Money, but trust they're safe. I ordered this hair on  friday 25th of July,  around 11:30 in the morning and got my hair on Tuesday 29th of July morning by 11:00AM through DHL (free postage) and they came knocking at my door #HomeDelievery isn't that AMaaZzzing! That's why I want to share with you guys about the website, I love helping people out about knowing stuff like this, and that's how I get help too. 
I've installed the hair and I'm really loving it!!!

My Breakfast This Morning :-

Breakfast on bed!..trying to eat more healthy.

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I also got a gift (wooden comb) from the sellers of the weave extensions.
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 Yes..MakeUp free! <3