Saturday, 5 July 2014


Don't Wanna Work, Work!!

Happy Weekend Dearies! 

Yesterday, I completed my first summer job for 3 good weeks, which was basically full of enjoyment and relaxation with my colleagues and boss..LOL!!  .... As you can see from the pictures below, it explained how I spent my 3weeks job time haha...Me, my Boss and colleagues went to play Mini-Golf and I won amongst my colleagues :D Then we went to beach, and you know the city I reside in, is a rocky landscape, so the beaches in my city are mostly surrounded by rocks, it looks beautiful! 

Last week Saturday (Exactly 1week ago today), Me and my boyfriend went to Copenhagen, Denmark, we decided to drive there (3hrs drive from my city Gothenburg), but along the way, we decided to have a stop-over in Helsingborg city and took a 20mins ship ride into Denmark. We spent a night there at my uncle's home, and it was the first time David met my uncle and his wife, and they fell-in-love with him :D
Then the next day being Sunday, we went shopping the whole day (9hrs shopping) for clothes, shoes and drinks, because it's extremely cheap without restrictions of sales. That same day Sunday in the evening we drove back home In G.B.G (Göteborg) city.

I'd post pics of the clothes & shoe I bought in Denmark, on Monday. 

Having Lovely Sunday coming ahead! 

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