Sunday, 20 July 2014


Happy Weekend guys!

Today I resumed work (2nd job at McDonalds)  after 4 weeks of vacation/semester.

Back to reality wanted to share this track of John Legend. It really describes my feeling right now, about relationships. I just don't get it sometimes, it changes your mind-set. Right now & since this past week I've been just so moody, even my boyfriend is worried. But for Me, it's a gradual process, that main thing for Me to feel secured is #TRUST ....But I find it hard to trust people and that I don't know what to say! ..Coming from a divorced home at a very young age, I feel it in my heart. Don't mis-contrue Me, I'm not having any drama in my relationship, I just want to know how to develop trusting people.

One thing about Me, when I trust someone I totally trust, but when you let trust pyramid to fall by disappointing, it'd be so hard to build back that #TRUST I had for you then. #OnlyGodGrace
when I meet people it's always like this in a pyramid form, just exactly like this tracks of John Legend song describing the feeling from first day-down to how I then feel ...May all I need is more loving :D





                 I hope, I'd overcome my fears! :P

                                                   GOODNIGTH! <3

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