Thursday, 31 July 2014


OH! How I miss blogging!!! :p

 I've been busy working, but got another semester, which is amazing because my boyfriend also has semester the same time. So, we've been spending our lovely break being at different beaches in our city, and also spending time with family and mine.

This pasted Monday, we had our annivesary, and we spent it being with his family,( with his Dad, his elder sister with her husband and two lovely & adorable kids). I loved every minute/hour with them on Monday, playing with the kids in the Garden and court-yard that's very spacious, because my bf's father lives on an Island called ''Tjörn'' (the sixth largest island in Sweden). 
We went to the beach close to their house (spent some hours there), built a huge sand castle to his lovely niece, and I got more sun-tanned & burnt lol!..Yeah, I mean it, this summer I'm so so tanned, everyone is surprised due to global-warming the summer here in  Sweden as been extremely hot #Crazy upto +37degrees.
After beening at the beach, we went back to his dad's house where they made dinner for us to eat before we head back to our various homes.
Guess what I bought Me some new bikinies  from '''' love them! ...and I also bought a black leather high-heel ankle-boots, with cool street biker-chic sweater and see-through black shirt with gold thorns in a cross form on both sides of the breast pockets. Getting ready for school on the 20th of August. :)

Stuff That I bought :- All cost 261kr for Me (V.I.P MEMBERSHIP).. :D

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Displaying 20140727_113014.jpgDisplaying 20140727_112957.jpg50KRDisplaying 20140727_112930.jpgDisplaying 20140727_112907.jpgDisplaying 20140727_112828.jpgDisplaying 20140727_112824.jpgDisplaying 20140727_112817.jpg BIKINIES = ALL 60KRDisplaying 20140727_112637.jpgDisplaying 20140727_112620.jpg80KRDisplaying 20140727_112601.jpgDisplaying 20140727_112457.jpg50KRDisplaying 20140727_112348.jpgDisplaying 20140726_205933.jpgDisplaying 20140726_201221.jpgDisplaying 20140726_201153.jpgDisplaying 20140726_201051.jpg

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