Sunday, 13 July 2014


Beach life is fun specially with an amzing weather to grinde on :D
This pic was taken last week, when me and my boyfriend went to an Island off the coast of our city (1hr 30mins journey with tram & boat). It's fun spending time together here, ate seafood for lunch and bought ice-creams . that we became weak to move that we had to rest on the rock for a while.

A day before yesterday (Friday), me and my boyfriend went to another beach in my city in Göteborg, called Näset 
and guess!?!....I got sun burnt by the +35degees we had in my city, and we've never gotten our this warm upto +35degrees in 100 of years and the highest we had so far which was last week was +37degrees. My boyfriend wanted Me to jump into the water but I'm scared of heights :P I couldn't just swam only.

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