Thursday, 19 June 2014

2014s BAL

Hey Guys! ..So today I wanted to share with you all the pictures from my prom. I had the best prom I'd ever wish for, danced like crazy LOL!!!...Looking from the pics, you'd know the difference from an American prom to a Scandinavia (European) / Swedish prom, because we dress to kill, like attending a red-carpet event, and never held around the school's premisses (usaually in hotel reception, or event halls with red-carpet for picture taking).
 Our Prom was held in a very special event hall underground a mountain ( in the city I live in Gothenburg, it's not a leveled land, it's lots of rocks).

 My dress was bought from The States (U.S.A).
Shoe I bought 2yrs ago in Denmark.
Necklace from GinaTricot
Make-Up done by my make-up artiste friend Klaudia.

 Home Before The Prom.

'Swedish' :- Hemma innan Balen

 Cool Teachers.

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